Monday, December 05, 2005

Rublev's Icon

Created in the 15the century, Rublev's Icon is based upon the obscure story of Abraham and the three visitors by the oak of Mamre. Drawing upon that revelation of God, Rublev undertook to capture the mystery of the Trinity in iconic fashion. This icon has forever changed my relationship with God. It has helped me to pray as well as understand what it means to know God. What do you see? What questions does it raise? If you don't already know what would your guess be as to who is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit?


Blogger Pete Gall said...

Thanks for this icon - it's one I haven't seen before. I have one of a dejected Elijah being offered food by a raven that has been big for me.

Who's who in this one? I would guess that because the person in the middle is holding out two fingers, that person is the second person of the Trinity - Jesus. Because two of the three are looking to the third, who seems to be holding a scroll (the book of Life?), I'm guessing that's the Father.

I love their postures - the casual leg-crossing, the sense of timelessness but dynamism between them, the neither male nor female appearance, the seclusion of their setting, amidst creation rather than an indoor backdrop. Good stuff.

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