Saturday, October 15, 2005

Father Time vs. Our Father in Heaven

One of the major differences between classical and jazz theology has to do one's relationship to accuracy. It's been called the "heresy of exactness," by Brad Braxton and the "tyranny of time" by Os Guinness. Whatever you call it, it has had a radical effect on how we view church, preaching and theology. On a personal level, I believe that it is one of the greatest enemies of grace in our lives. Our constant pursuit of precision is precisly our problem. Let's try a little experiment...when I ask, "How is your prayer life?" What are the first thoughts and words coming to mind? What are your automatic criteria for evaluating the quality of your prayer life? Don't correct them...anybody care to share?


Blogger :: jane :: said...

prayer is tricky for me right now... my "classical" response is that i'm not doing enough, or i'm not praying with enough faith - my "jazz" response is that i have more like a dsl connection to God - no dial up required! i feel i'm connected to Him even when i'm not conscious of the connection. but i am also going through a time of doubt about prayer... why do we do it? what are good reasons to pray? what should we not pray for? are there offensive prayers to God? i often feel that it comes down to "thy will be done" is the only appropriate prayer. but is that a lack of faith?

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Blogger voixdange said...

I would describe my prayer life as more listening than talking. It isn't by design, that's just how it ends up somehow. I feel silly pressing God with a list of needs. I don't know what I need, and just as soon as I think I do, I'm proven wrong, wrong, wrong again!He knows me so much better than I know myself...

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