Sunday, October 16, 2005

Father Time vs. Our Father in Heaven (part 2)

Most often we state the quality of our relationship with God in terms of precision and exactness. "How is your prayer life?" Munutes! I usually think of my relationship with God in terms of minutes. Did I pray more minutes today than yesterday. Have I found the elusive, "Sweet Hour of Prayer." We think of how much time, how many minutes we spent with God today. When the Biblical vision of unceasing prayer wonders if there was ever a minute we were not praying. The Pharisees committed the "heresy of exactness" and Jesus pronounced "woes" on them because of it. Os Guiness points out what is being said about us around the world. "Filipinos, for instance: 'Westerners are people with gods on their wrists.' or Kenyans: 'Westerners have watches but no time. Africans have time but no watches." We must come to grips with how our ability to insure accuracy is effecting our view of scripture, church, preaching, God and people!


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This is why I am always late for everything. I have no respect for time. I don't feel bad now...what I once thought was laziness is now a profound theological habitual lateness. I will not be a slave to what's on my or other's wrists.

Thanks brother. These are some very thoughtful tidbits here.


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