Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Father Time vs. Our Father in Heaven (part 3)

"In particular, for better or worse, three features of modern clock time decisively shape our lives and our thinking." writes Os Guiness. Feature One: Precision--All of humanity needs to measure time, but with the move from using the the sun an moon to the mechanical clock we shifted "from a sense of periods, as in A.M. and P.M., to a sense of precision, as in hours, minutes, and seconds." Feature Two: Coordination--"The central consequence of precision--coordination. Life becomes about...planning and coordinating our daily affairs...precision is what makes possible the plans, schedules, timetables, and logistics of the modern world." Feature Three: Pressure--Precision and coordination lead to pressure. "Time has become so precise and coordinated that it's all around us, driving us from behind, pulling us from in fornt, pressing us from above, and squeezing us from both sides." The result of all this is that we "speak of 'killing time' or 'doing time'...The tick-tock of the clock has become the background drum-beat and staccato bark of the drill sergeant who drives us across the parade ground of life." The detremental effects of our pursuit of precision when it comes to time are painstakingly obvious when it comes to our emotional and physical state. But how has it effected us spiritually? What has all this pursuit of precision done to church, bible study and faith? Has it been worth it? (all quotes from Os Guiness', Prophetic Untimeliness)


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