Monday, October 24, 2005

Father Time vs. Our Father in Heaven (part 5)

So we know that precision is neccessary...especially when it comes to a fine German automobiles. We also desire precision in our relationship with the Lord...wrong thinking about God is a guarantee of wrong living before God. So how do we have precision without the oppression of precision? What is the difference between "doing time" and "time-keeping." Think about a conductor of an orchestra. His job is to keep time. With a wave of his baton, he signals a clear beat and tempo for all to follow. He is the Maestro--the master. In a jazz ensemble, the drummer keeps the time. He sits obscurely in the back, ever keeping the beat, driving the tempo and signaling timing changes. His job is not to keep everyone on the same page, rather to set them free from the page. To keep time in such a way that sets the others free. What are the tell tale differences between the two? If they were pastors, which one would you follow?


Blogger Rod said...

The conductor is more authoritative and orderly, while the drummer is more like a coach, making sure everyone knows the play, but allows the team to improvise in the execution of that play. I think in Scripture we see God express himself in both ways.
If I were to use the "conductor-drummer" metaphor to represent a divine contiuum of the Trinity, I would say that God the Father is a conductor, the Holy Spirit is a drummer, and to borrow some phraseology from you J.T., Jesus is living on the hyphen :-).

As Christians, Jesus is our primary point of reference. Whatever pastor is most like Him, is the one I'm going to follow.

I hadn't been by here in awhile, you've been busy. Good stuff.

10:30 AM  
Blogger postmodernegro said...

I once read a theologian that said that God analogous to a fugue. Could it be that a pastor is the facilitator, coach, or conductor of what it takes to make faithful communal performances of the fugue?

7:45 AM  

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