Thursday, October 27, 2005

Remembering Rosa Parks

A few years ago, Rosa Parks was at the church of which I am a part. She was standing in our lobby, along with about 20 other people, when she said, "I'm tired, could I take a seat." I ran all over looking for the perfect first all I could find was those metal folding kind. I had to settle for a the semi-cushy, not really comfortable chair from a waiting area. I carried it too here said, "Ma'am, here's a seat." She said thankyou in her quiet almost indiscernable voice. I almost wept. I couldn't believe it, I gave a seat to the woman who stayed in her seat, so that I could stand today! It was a priveledge. I've been imagining Rosa Parks seeing Jesus for the first time and him saying, "Ma'am, here's a seat."


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